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The Bayview Chapel, the ideal Florida chapel wedding ceremony site Founded in 1886, this beautiful chapel is unique among most historic chapels in that it still holds services each Sunday. To stay in keeping with the needs of today’s modern parishioners; however, the beautifully renovated church features air conditioning and offers its 100 plus guest capacity a comfortable setting.

The chapel features antique stained glass windows, bright and fresh pastel walls, padded hardwood pews, high-gloss wood floors, new carpet, an organ, and a magnificent wood altar. The bride can get ready in the privacy of her own bride’s room, and when you tie the knot the news will be heralded by a real church bell!

Historic Bayview Chapel is conveniently located close to Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Tarpon Springs.

The many features of the chapel, together with its convenient location and ample parking, make Bayview Chapel the ideal setting for your church wedding. When you choose Bayview Chapel for your special day, you will never be required to attend classes or meetings, and the arrangements for the church can be made just by making a phone call. Our wedding directors are waiting to assist you.


We are very fortunate that the Bayview Chapel has been maintained and active for so long
and is still available for weddings and other services to anyone wanting a warm
peaceful event without hassles or classes or meetings. It will also be fun and perfect.
We did our first wedding here in 1959 while we were still in college. That was
the beginning of our photo and wedding business. It’s grown since then and now
we have performed over 6000 wedding events, mostly in the last 30 years.
Bayview Chapel seats over 100 guests in modern comfort with new carpet,, new air
conditioning, new pews and the same beautiful stained glass windows that were
in the church in the beginning and protected today. A rare treat for most historic churches.
Your complete wedding will include everything you need or want for your special day.
Minister, music, flowers, decorations, programs, photograpy, video, unity candle and
even a rehearsal and brides room for you to make your final adjustments.
The most experienced staff will guide you in every decision and every step of your
beautiful wedding day,from arriving at the walkway, to the candle lighting by the
two of you, to the departure excitement as you leave for your reception.
You won’t have to be concerned about who is going to do what and how people are
going to enter and where they are going to stand and when you come down the
aisle and who will be at the altar and so on…..everything is perfect just for you.
And parking? Unlike other churches, Bayview has plenty of free parking. Your guests
won’t have to walk more than a few feet to the door. We also have a ramp for any
family or friends that need to use a wheeled mode of transportation.
Our Brides Room at Bayview is spacious. So, you can have your attendants there.
Your can also have your mother and your aunt and your grandmother and your
hairdresser and your dog. But it’s best to have most of this done before you arrive.
So, for more information, rates and available times for your wedding con
Abby Weddings at Give us your information and we will
quickly and easily send you a quote for the day, time and wedding that you want.
There’s no obligation for this service, we gladly furnish any information to make your
day easy and special without having to spend a lot of time looking for services and
 deciding on the details. You will have till 2 weeks before the wedding to make changes.
Where do you want your Reception? You can have a great time right here at the
church. You can use our Tropical Garden or Garden Hall for great outdoor reception or a
more traditional indoor event. We also have many other locations for 2 people to 200.
We will also be glad to help with accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, hair
dressers, makeup, massage, attractions and other things. Other things like Limo,
dresses, tux, flowers, love birds…you Just Ask anything and we’ll get it for you.
So, don’t give up on your Church Wedding, you can do it and it will be really easy and
you’ll have one of the best weddings in Florida with all of the excitement of a
Church Wedding and none of the commotion or problems. Just show up and have fun.
Email today
We’ll send you information for everything you need.


(Our most popular)

Church Rental for One Hour
Bride Preparation Room for 1.5 Hours
Professional Wedding Minister

Unity Candle Stand
3 Tapered Candles
Electric Candles with Stands

Wedding Videography
Edited Video on DVD
Traditional Wedding Music

Plants and Stands
Matching Pew Decorations
Optional Decorated Arch

Professional Wedding Photographer
200 Photos on Your Online Album
100 Photos of Your Choice on CD

Silk Tropical Bouquet in Your Colors
Grooms Lapel Flower to Match
Fresh Flowers Available

Printed Programs
Public Address System
Real Stained Glass Windows

Free Parking for All
Wedding Planning
Onsite Coordinating
Personal attention

Paper Work and License Filed
Frameable Certificate
Easy Access from Anywhere
Setup and Cleanup

Other Gifts for Guests Available
We can Add Anything You Want
Ask for Prices

All services included from only $2495
(a $4500 value)
Saturday from $2695
Other Church Weddings Available
Some Extras Available for YOUR Wedding
You can make your wedding really easy.
Right here……

“The Smart Wedding”

We do weddings continually so, you can have
the very best wedding value.

You don’t have to have unanswered questions,
you know that we are here for you …. we can make your
wedding easy and we’ll all have a fun time with no stress.

You will also have the very best ceremony …..anywhere !

Real information, more fun, no stress, more meaningful….
Did You See Something
That You Really Like ?

You can have that, whatever it is,
you can have it at your wedding.

After over 6000 weddings and 30 years,
we’ve seen almost everything and we can do it for you.

You may not see a photo of just what you want
but you can send us one and
you can have the very best price available.


This is our favorite phrase and we mean it.
You can get an answer to any questions.

You can have those answers…..


Add Some Extras Or
Just Order One Service

You’ll get the very best prices

You can let us make your wedding easy, fun and
save you money, work and worry.

Whether you’ve booked your wedding with us or not
You can ask any question by email and
we’ll help you with your plans…..


Bless you…


Contact us for information on our complete wedding packages.
We can customize a wedding experience to suit your every need.
All you need to do is acquire your Florida marriage license, and we’ll do the rest.

Request Price

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